UPBEAT TRAILERS was founded more than two decades ago and was first dedicated domestic trailer manufacturer in Thailand. The goal was to open the Thai market for every day usage of domestic trailers. All these trailers are to be high quality and to meet all Thai traffic regulations.At present we have developed eight trailer families each in a number of sizes and designs, totaling 55 models. The families are divided in two main groups being trailers for leisure and trailers for business, with capacities ranging from 750 kilograms up to 5400 Kg.

Besides serving the Thai market and surrounding countries, UPBEAT TRAILERS exports to Australia, Europe and the USA.

Four years ago, we completed our new showroom and factory along motorway 7, KM 32.6. Over the years we have continuously developed the technology applied to our manufacturing process. Engineering and Production are CAD-CAM integrated. We are controlling production with an awesome ERP system which allows us to track and trace all parts in production and keeping an excellent track of what we have made and sold in the past. All parts and chassis are built to stock. Our ERP system warns before parts are getting out of stock. In general, the manufacturing process starts with Laser cutting sheet, then CNC folding and weld into assemblies. All parts are hot dip galvanized to guarantee our trailers can be used for decades and almost maintenance free.

The most common sold trailers are in stock, ready to deliver. For less common trailers we hold the chassis in stock and are assembled to order within a couple of days after we received an order. Finally some trailers which are very big or not commonly sold are made to order and therefore have a lead time of four to six weeks aro.

People often wonder whether trailers are legal in Thailand. The answer is YES. All our models are approved by the Thai Land Transport Department. You will receive the correct papers from us and you do not have to worry about anything, we take care of registration and put the trailer in your name written in the blue book. All you need to do is update your blue book once a year for 650 baht, which includes a government third party insurance on your trailer.

Harry Sprangers, a Dutchman and founder of UPBEAT TRAILERS:

‘’It has been over 20 years since we build our first trailer. While working in Thailand I saw people having a jet ski in the back of a pickup truck, wondering how many people it takes to load it. Also, pickup trucks with huge loads stacked in top and realized that trailers are not available in Thailand.

I've seen accidents with over loaded pickup trucks and saw an opportunity to make things better. The idea back then was to only build trailers for the Thai market. Later came also interest from oversees and since we have also shipped trailers to the USA, Europe and Australia.

The trailers we are building for overseas markets are according to our customers' specifications. In Thailand the road circumstances are not the same as abroad. For instance, abroad driving beyond the speed limits is hardly done and the roads do not have pot holes. A standard European trailer would therefore not last in Thailand. With our “Home-base” experience we designed every trailer newly keeping the Thai road circumstances in mind. I have a Master Degree in Engineering so you can rest assured that we have done everything possible to make your next ride a smooth one.

I hope you will come visit us at our new facility and showroom along Motorway 7. According to the Dutch tradition, we have a nice cup of coffee for you ready to serve.’’