In Europe, America and Australia the use of trailers arose shortly after the first cars became available. UPBEAT is a company with Dutch roots and it is said that the Netherlands has one registered domestic trailer for every five passenger cars! The Dutch are also renown for being costs conscious so clearly there must be plenty of reasons why they have such a dense population of trailers.

In order to tow a trailer, the towing vehicle need to have a Tow Bar or Tow Hitch. Every car brand and model have its own model tow hitch. Our sister company MasterHook has over 300 different model tow hitches and installs them under your car free of charge. You can rest assured that they have one for your car in stock, ready to install. Customers outside Bangkok area can have their tow hitch installed by one of the hundred MasterHook dealers spread out over Thailand. Press the MasterHook logo to be redirected.

Here are some examples why you too should try the convenience of an UPBEAT trailer:

It is not for nothing that it is so incredibly popular in other parts of the world. We would like to take you on our adventure. If you are curious about all our models, Click HERE

Our mission is to make trailing available to all Thai People. Our trailers are ideal for transporting your boat, motorcycle, jet ski, ATV or car without having to make any arrangements. Having and using a trailer guarantees instant satisfaction. And for those of you who are contemplating using trailers for your business we guarantee that within a few weeks you wonder how you did survive all these years before you had a trailer.

How to make the best use of a trailer?

It is important to the get the perfect combination of Tow Hitch (this is the bar with ball mounted to the back of your vehicle), vehicle and trailer to make towing enjoyable and safe. You can decide on the right kind of hitch for your vehicle by following the Class chart for hitches that specify the Gross Towing Weight (GTW) for each of the hitches. We at UPBEAT can guide you in every step of the process. You are always more than welcome to come by and we will take all the time necessary to explain you everything!

All Tow Hitch Accessories and Towing Equipment available at UPBEAT have been designed keeping your and your family's safety in mind. You can get Tow Hitch Accessories such as Hitch Lights that light up while you reverse your trailer and Hitch Locks that prevent accidental removal of Hitch Ball Mounts. Apart from these, you can also buy Hitch Ball Mounts, which will reduce sway and keep the trailer in level with the towing vehicle. You can also get high quality and durable Tow Bars, Tow Hooks, Straps and Shields, Tow Dollies, Trailer Wiring and other Trailer parts and accessories from UPBEAT. This may all sound like a lot! For questions you can always connect us on Line or give us a call.

Here are a few tips that will contribute to safe towing: